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Elderly or Chronic Illness

One of the founding principles of Alliance Care has been and continues to be that we exist to improve the quality of life for our clients.

Certainly a noble principle, but how can we do that?

  Unfortunately, there is no guide or set of rules that govern chronic illness or aging. In fact, some experts are beginning to view aging as itself a chronic illness. (http://www.cswe.org/File.aspx?id=24133)
Of course, this is largely a result in advances in treatment which have greatly reduced or in some cases eliminated diseases and extended life span.
Of course, improving life span without improving quality of life is of questionable value. Key to sustaining quality of life is proper care especially as we reach a point where we are unable to safely perform activities of daily living for ourselves.

As we age, we naturally begin to lose muscle tone and mass and find simple tasks like
 balance and ambulation more challenging. This is the natural course of aging, but it does not mean that quality of life has to follow the decline at the same pace.

Alliance Care has focused on hiring the highest quality of caregivers we can find. To that end, 4 years ago Alliance Care formed our own in-house Program to train Certified Nurse Assistants. We employee both RNs and LPNs to train these future caregivers. Further, we have put in place a supervision and review process where Alliance Care on-staff nurses make regular on-site visits while Caregivers are performing their care duties.

Simply put, you can maintain a high level of independence in your own home virtually as long as you wish to remain in that setting. Alliance Care is committed to an "Age in Place" method for seniors and that place is where THEY desire to live, not where someone else decides for them.
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