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Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

One of the greatest challenges in caring for dementia or Alzheimer's cases is in understanding by caregivers, be it family or agency, that the patient is no longer able to control their behavior in a rational manner. They cannot control their comments or their behavior any more than a person suffering from the flu can control their temperature.

  Alliance Care has found that three factors drive quality of care in these case:

1. Training - there is simply no substitute for caregiver training in dementia   care. Our nurse has created a set of mandatory in-service lessons that our caregivers must complete in order to certify for dementia care. This training focuses on the physiological causes of the disease and the resulting impact of the patient and family.


2.  Experience - while training helps staff prepare for the challenges of dementia care in no way can it substitute for actual experience. Unfortunately, when dealing with dementia, mistakes can result in serious injury to the patient or others. As we staff these cases Alliance Care seek individuals that have cared for dementia patients.

3.  Consistency - dementia patients often become extremely dependent on consistency in their schedule, in people caring for them, and sometimes the way in which things are done. Simple tasks like bathing and dressing are accomplished much easier if it is part of a regular pattern in their lives. Alliance Care always goes out of the way to maintain consistency of personnel on cases, but in dementia care it becomes mandatory.

As our nursing staff creates the care plan for your loved one, you will play a key part in defining the requirements. Likewise, your involvement going forward is based on the tasks that you want to assume.

A diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer's does not mean that your loved one must move to a memory care or skilled nursing facility. Alliance Care has and continues to care for hundreds of seniors suffering from dementia in their own homes!
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For More Information on Alzheimer's this is a good site: http://www.aboutalz.org/