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Common Caregiver Duties and Responsibilities

   Personal Care:
    Bathing, Dressing, Grooming, Oral Care, Shaving, Nails (filing), Eating, Bathroom Activities
    Medication Reminders, Range of Motion Exercise, Other Exercises Identified by Medical
    Professionals, Preparing for Bed, Ambulation Assistance, Shaving, Taking Vitals, Status

    Keeping the Living Area (Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, etc) clean and neat.
    Vacuuming & Dusting in the Living Areas, Laundry, Changing Bed Linens

    Shopping Trips in either the caregivers or the clients vehicle (mileage charge if the caregiver's
    vehicle is used. Errands, Doctor or other trips from the home. Limited pet care. More
    extensive pet care charges may some times apply.

    Alliance Care is able in some instances to provide extended medical care under our Registered
    Nurse's supervision. In cases where clients need help with diabetes care for example, under
    Proxycare CNA duties can be expanded. Our care coordinator will discuss this with you if it
    may apply.
Listing duties and responsibilities can be useful, but understanding the philosophy we establish with our caregivers may be more important. We are committed to improving the quality of our client's lives. Our caregivers will do all they can reasonably and safely do to achieve that objective. If the client used to do something for themselves that they can no longer do, we want to help them with that task.
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