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Does Social Security or other government programs cover the cost of care?
Social Security does not pay the cost of home care. It does cover a limited number of therapy visits, when ordered by a physician, following some injuries, illnesses and hospital stays.
How about private health care insurance or supplemental social security policies?
What about long-term and short-term care insurance?
Ah, the first bit of good news on the financial assistance side. Generally, long-term care and short-term care policies do have provisions that cover eligible personal care. Each policy is unique however, even with the same insurance company. Our care coordinators are familiar with most policies and can also contact your insurance eligibility line for you. Our experience is that most often we can tell you immediately if you are likely to be covered. Unfortunately, we are not representatives of the insurance company and theirs is the final decision.
What if I do not like the caregiver you send?
Not every personality works well together. Most often we are able to pick an ideal person after our initial meeting with you. If you want we will set up a time for you to meet with the person we think is ideal. Keep in mind, many thing go in to selecting the right person including, training, availability for the days and times you want and where they live. Our promise to you is simple. We will immediately replace any caregiver with whom you are not comfortable. Don't worry, they will likely be the perfect person on another case.
All Alliance Care Caregivers are bonded and insured, but that means little if a sentimental item is broken or comes up missing. I advise all families that when someone needs care in the home there can be many "new" people visiting the home. Caregivers, of course, but also nurses, friends, neighbors, extended family, church people and the list goes on. We never want to think that someone might take something, but it happens. I suggest that very valuable items be secured safely and that cash should never be left around the home. Our experience is that theft is quite rare, but lessening the temptation is probably good.
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There are no other Federal programs that pay. Georgia's Medicaid program does provide limited assistance to those with very low income. Georgia Department of Human Resources, Aging Division would be the place to contact.

With only a few exceptions, private healthcare insurance will not pay for Home Care. Contact your agent to be sure.


Policies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield,

Tri-Mark, and Aetna are designed to cover skilled care costs such as hospital stays, physical and occupational therapy and doctor visits. 


While the wording may sound like it would cover in-home care, almost always that is outside of policy coverage. 


I have valuables in my home. What should I do?
What if I change my mind & decide I do not want care?
With Alliance Care you are only obligated to pay for the services you use. You can reduce or eliminate care any time without further obligation.