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Dementia & Alzheimer's
Cancer Care
From 24 hr supervision to respite care, Alliance Care has provided help to hundreds of clients and their families. The key to success has been the extensive training of the caregivers that provide dementia & Alzheimer's care.
Some of our caregives are trained specifically for cancer care and our nurses have extensive experience. Our Nurse can put the care support you need in place, as little or as complete as you need.
Fall Prevention & Physical Decline
No one can promise to prevent all falls. What we are able to do is to minimize the risk.

First, our nurses are able to improve the home environment and remove many unexpected hazards. For example, a simple adjustment in timing of certain medications can reduce fall risk associated with unsupervised trips to the bathroom or improve the ability to sleep undisturbed through the night.

Secondly, our caregivers are well trained to be there when they are needed - typically before the fall. It is our unfortunate experience that most of the falls happen to clients when we are not there. Physical decline with age is common, but it does not mean you have to give up living safely at home.

Talk to us about a plan to help you "age in place", where you want to live.
Sometimes the biggest need is just someone to be there. As we get older, we unfortunately lose some of our friends. Others may themselves be unable to travel as freely to visit. Family members get busy with our grandchildren, work and their lives. Someone coming by to check on you or your loved one each day adds peace of mind and provides real improvement to the quality of life. Our caregivers often take clients to Church, hair appointments or just a picnic in the park. One of the core beliefs at Alliance Care is that we exist to improve the quality of life for the elderly.
Helping Hands & Assistance
Sometimes the needs are simple, help with preparing meals or housekeeping. Sometimes it is just reminders about needing medications, trips to the doctor, grocery and pharmacy or help with a bath.

AM/PM Care is designed to provide a little help (1 1/2 hours) in the morning and in the evening. Sometimes it is just enough.

Likewise, 5-hour care shifts can be set as little as once a week or as often as every day.
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Click here for a checklist of home hazards to correct to minimize your risk of falls!