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What is Live-In Care?
When is Live-In Care Appropriate?

Live-in Care provides care from around 7 AM until 11PM.


It is designed for situations where the patient sleeps through the night, but requires supervision during normal awake hours.


Generally, Live-In Care is a suitable replacement for nursing home care and is more economical than hourly care.  The cost is similar to nursing home expense.


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Unlike Hourly Care, with Live-In Care the caregiver will sleep at the client's residence. 

  The caregiver will provide the same type of services that hourly caregivers provide.  Generally they are on duty from 7AM to 11PM.

They cannot provide care from 11PM to 7AM or it converts to hourly.

What Does Live-In Care Cost?



Care for one person is $265 per day.


Care for two related people is $305 per day.




Alliance Care follows all employment laws in regards to minimum wage and overtime regulations.

Live-In Care